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Atlanta, Georgia

an assistant in the Botany Laboratory at Berkeley. He drove me along Peachtree Ave., the home of Atlanta's millionaires: Asa Candler of coca-cola fame; a physician who has become very wealthy through a liquid which he has invented for making kinky hair straight (all the negroes buy it, since they want to have straight hair); another man who produces [Taulac] (one of the potent medicines, of which a number of very successful ones house Atlanta for their home station); and various other citizens.

Heath ponted out the trail which Sequoia followed down the ridge to a settlement of the Cherokees; and I was also shown the statue of Henry W. Grady in the city.
Dec. 26, 1925

There are three colleges on the border of Atlanta City, which have, each one of them, a fine set of buildings of permanent character and of harmonious and pleasing construction: Agnes Scott College; Emory University, constructed of Georgia marble; and Ogelthorpe University, built of Georgia granite. Bishop Candler is President of Emory University, which accounts in great part, at least, for the gift of seven millions from Asa Candler, who is a brother.

We drove to Stone Mt. It is a granite dome, a little reminiscent of Sierran domes. On the face of it is to be seen the beginnings of the figures which are to form a memorial to the confederacy. The head of Lee is
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