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New York

Manual it should not represents the artificial style, a drawing of which should be reserved for a technical or critical paper. Mackenzie was much interested in the distribution of Carex in California. I pointed out that lime or non-lime soils did not play a leading role with us, that water and temperature in connection with topography are all important. Cares is not found on the plains of the San Joaquin or Sacramento for four hundred miles in one direction and 60 to go in the other, except in specialized localities like the "bottoms" of flood streams; and that in the coast Range foothills a species may be once found and not discovered
Jan. 1, 1926

again or at least collected again for a long time. Mackenzie is much impressed with the number of endemic species which are found in Mendocino Co. Today, Monday, Jan. 4, Mackenzie took me to luncheon at the Lawyers Club, which is in the top of one of the large buildings in lower Broadway. The club is a sumptuously fitted one, with very elegant service. Mackenzie has a particular table where he sits. NEar this table sits a lawyer well-kown, as MAckenzie put it, for his whiskers, namely Hughes. but he did not happen to be there this day.

Mackenzie said: "The most intensive and progressive work in systematic botany is being done in California." This
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