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Frenchman Mdw.[meadow], Dorrington, 4700 ft.
No. 10,184. Arabis perfoliata = A. glabra Bernh. Border of mdw., sandy flat.
No. 10,185. Drosera rotundifolia L.
Wet cold swamp.
No. 10,186. Lupinus polyphyllus ssp. superbus.
Wet mdw. border, 3 ft. h. Fls. [flowers] lavender blue. L. superbus Hel. acc. W.L.J.
No. 10,187. Galium
Corolla 3-lobed, white. In Blueberry (Vaccinium thicket), middle of swamp.
No. 10,188. Vaccinium occidentale Gray.
Swamp. Berry blue-black with bloom.
No. 10,189. Boykinia major Gray. Petals round-elliptic, entire or 1 or 2-cleft-notched at apex, on same plant or even in one flower. Stamens 5, arising from a yellow disk. Petals sharply clawed, inserted on the disk. Fls. 7 or 7 1/2
Calaveras Co., Aug. 17,1923.
lines broad. Petals 3 lines long. See p. 98.
No. 10,190. Senecio clarkianus Gray. Edge of the woods on border of swamp. Rays 10, 6, 5, 7, 8.
No. 10,191. Oxypolis occidentalis C.&R. This umbellifer grew in the swamp.
No. 10,192. Hypercum anagalloides C.&S. Fls. 4 lines broad. Often mating [sic] closely moist flat in areas 50 to 100 ft. across!! A fine soft carpet.
No. 10,193. Lilium parvum Kell.
Petals oblong, obtuse, the tips red-orange, at the middle with the yellow field spotted with brown dots. Tips of segments closely recoiled or better recurved. Border of woods on edge marsh.
No. 10,194. Geranium richardsonii F.&.T.
Pets. [petals] white, the claws
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