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Pacific Valley, Alpine Co., 13 Aug. '23
- Castilleia
no. 10,179
cont. Anther long and slender attached to filament a little below middle, the cells lying side by side. Note that the calyx lobes are cleft nearly to base into subulate segmants.
[sketch] anther
No. 10,180. Tsuga meternsiana
Pacific Valley. 13 Aug.
No. 10,181. Pinus monticola
13 Aug. Near Stanislaus Mdw.
No. 10,182. Pinus murrayana
13 Aug. Big Mdw. [meadow]
Dorrington, Calaveras Co., 15 Aug. '23.
No. 10,183. Abies magnifica
Near Stanislaus Mdw. [meadow] 13 Aug.
- South of Dorrington about 1/4 mile is Frenchman Mdw. It is on the waters of the North Fork Stanislaus River which is about 3 miles beyond. The north end of Frenchman Mdw. is closely cropped by cattle and our first visit was disappointing. The next time we tried to pick up the trail to the river and thus inadvertently got tangled in the bogs of the southerly part of the mdw. Here we found Drosera rotundifolia L. in abundance (no. 10,185). Vaccinium occidentale (no. 10,188) is fruiting. Its very dark purple berries are ripe. The bushes form little rounded colonies in the mdw. 1 to 3 ft. high. Around the margins of the meadow in the edge of the woods grew Rhododendron occidentale (no. 10,198) in heavy thickets. It had just passed out of (cont. p.99.
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