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Pacific Valley, Alpine Co. 8000 ft.
below us. Beyond the Mokelumne is the broad-backed mountain, "Border Ruffian." Rising up from behind its smoothly outlined summit are the high and picturesque peaks: The Nipple, Marklesville Peak, Raymond Peak, Silver Mt., in order from north to south. Hid behind Border Ruffian is the less prominent Jeff Davis Peak.
The Aspen is common about Bear Valley, above and below. On its smooth trunks, by the side of this old road, the names of passers-by have been carved. It is, as Miss Joyce Saunders justly remarks, a strange and primitive habit of the race. The cave-dwellers had it in their pictographs on the stone walls of their dwellings; small boys universally exhibit the instinct by carving their names everywhere. It is a curious instinct.
Aug. 13, 1923.
- Everywhere about the regin of Bear Valley to Silver Valley Reservoir and Stanislaus Mdw. the open slopes are often light blue with the Gilia leptalea Greene, no. 10,093. It is abundant and continues downward to Dorrington at intervals, but at all lower levels, Dorrington to Big Mdw. the slopes are denuded by cattle. No. 10,092, another Gilia, G. divaricata, is common on dry slopes, forming colonies of several square rods in extent repeatedly over miles and miles of territory. Like 10,093 it extends down as far as the forks of road above Calaveras Big Trees. Eriogonum no. 10,091 is common likewise all thru the region, often colonizing small areas repeatedly. It is common at Dorrington and extends up to Silver Valley Reservoir and to Stanislaus Meadow or near there.
- Arctostaphylos Nevadensis gray. Stanislaus Mdw., Alpine Co;, common in the Red Fir
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