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Dorrington, Calaveras Co., 4800 ft.
in water in a tin can, here in the open forest camp laboratory. Even after lying around for twelve hours, it will recover when placed in water and continue to bloom for days.
No. 10,115. Gnaphalium palustre Nutt.
No. 10,116. Mimulus rubellus Cov.
Cor. [coralla] red, with very narrow limb. Cor. 1 1/2 lines broad. Upper lip notched; lateral lobes lower lip transversely oblong, truncatish, notched or not notched. Throat yellow, red-purple-dotted. Moist banks of rivulets.
No. 10,117. Mimulus
Corolla yellow, upper lip white! Moist banks rivulets.
- Heracelum lanatum Michx. Mdw. flat.
Aug. 10, 1923.
No. 10,118. Mimulus tilingii Regel.
Gravel riffles in rivulets.
- Populus tremuloides Michx., San Antonio Creek.
No. 10,119. Eleocharis bella (Piper) Sver. Moist beds of former winter pools.
No. 10,120. Carum gairdneri Gray.
Mdws. Very abundant, whitening considerable areas. Leaflets, 3, 5, 7, even on one plant.
No. 10,121. Epilobium brevistylum Barbey.
Petals pink! drying darker. Rootstocks with large fleshy bulblets. Rivulet in mdw.
No. 10,122. Gentiana simplex Gray.
Ovary long-stiped! Stigmas very broadly fan-shaped, or somewhat reniform! laciniate or toothed on edge. The anthers are borne at the notched
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