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Calaveras Big Trees, Aug. 8, 1923. 4700 ft.
- Richard Cobden
- John Bright
- Thomas Starr King. Tablet fallen.
- John Hall, D.D. May2, 1870, D.M.B.
- Colonel E. D. Baker
- Mother of the Forest
- B. F. Weston. This is a new large tablet.
- Uncle Sam
-Prof. Asa Gray. _ These 3 stand close together. Salem Witch is a fourth in the cluster.
- Dr. John Torrey _
- Prof. James Dana B.S. 1867 _
- Salem Witch
- Bishop Kip. 1867.
- California. Aug. 9, 1865. Mrs P. C.
- Broderick
- America
- Wm. H. Seward
- Wm. Cul -. Tablet broken. On upper part of tablet are the words: The groves w- June 1865
- Florence
- Miner's Cabin
- Pride of the Forest
It was most obnoxious to be charged an admission fee to the grove. Who are these persons who exercise proprietorship over trees 3000 years old?
Dorington, Calaveras Co., Aug. 10, 1923.
- A small bird is working on the dead twigs of the Black Oak. It has a black band running over and back from the eyes, a white band above the eye, a black band of top of head; bluish gray back, pinkish brown under side; slender bill. Another bird has yellowish sides to body. A whitish-toned band below eyes. He feeds on insects under the dead bark and runs up and down vertical trunk with utmost ease. These birds are quite tame.
There is also a woodpecker with whitish or gray head and neck, the rest of him gray-brown, the primaries white.
Cont. from p. 36.
Gayophytum diffusum G.&G. No., 10,049
- Corolla 4 1/2 to 5 lines broad.
- Petals rhomboidal-ovate.
- Petals white with 2 small yellow dots at base
- Ovary glabrous
- Calyx-lobes closely reflexed in pairs
- Petals after anthesis turning pink!
- Anthers white
- Stigmas truncate
- Herbage glabrous

Gayophytum ramosissimum T.&G. No. 10,050
- Corolla 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 lines broad
- Petals sub-orbicular
- Petals white, obscurely greenish-yellow at base.
- Ovary finely pubescent.
- Calyx lobes reflexed-spreading, all distinct
- Petals after anthesis turning brick-red!
- Anthers white.
- Stigma truncate.
- Herbage puberulent except old parts.
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