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-Frank W. Peirson of Pasadena, who has sent so many collections for the Flora of California is here in Berkeley, on his way to the northern Redwoods. He is most agreeable in his manners, with a fine sense of humor and thoroughly scientific in his attitude. He is about 5 ft. 10 in. smooth-shaven, save a mustache, and of fair complexion. [He saw my method of building up, about heavy parts of specimens, with bits of driers in drying and said he had never heard of that.]
- In his articles on forestry (Univ. Cal. Chron. 1923) [University of California Chronicles], C. H. Shinn says Dr. Albert Kellogg made a journey with Audubon in Texas. This must have been Audubon's son, John W. Audubon. Look up his [?] journal - not so! the elder Audubon. See p. 32.
July 4, 1923
No. 10,018. Cirsium edule [crossed out]
Strawberry Ca_on, 7 ft. high.
No. 10,019. Heuchera micrantha Dougl. Shady north bank, rocky.
No. 10,020. Galium aparine L.
No. 10,021. Physocarpus capitatus
Near Sugar Loaf.
No. 10,022. Smilacina stellata var. sessilifolia Nutt. Fruits greenish-white with 3 broad purple bands reaching from base nearly to summit (but leaving a distinct free area at summit), one band to each lobe of corolla. In shade woods. The fruits already show signs of becoming purplish or dark other than on bands.
No. 10,023. Micromeria chamissonis (Bth.) Greene. Satureia douglasii Briq.
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