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Mt. Davidson, Apr. 18, 1924.
No. 10,365. Plantago.
No. 10,366. Sagina apetala Ard.
Petals 1,2,3,4! Stamens 4,5,6.
- Porfessor Jean Massart of the Univeristy of Brussels, Exchange Porfessor of the Commission for Belgian Relief, called on me today. He had with him a number of "weeds" that he had picked up, of which he desired the names. Erodium moschatum, Avena fatua, etc. He has a great interest in weeds and remarked that alien weeds which in Belgium always keep to cultivated areas, thrive under the protection of cultivation and are not found in uncultivated areas; here in California he finds, to his suprise, most common on unbroken lands, such as Brassica cam-
Berkeley, Apr. 21, '24
[camp-]pestris, Chenopodium album, etc. He asked if there were any native species which became weeds and I replied that Amsinkia intermedia and Hemizonia luzuaefolia as well as Ascelpias mexicana were such.
- Apr. 21, 1924.
No. 10,367. Psilocaphus tenellus Nutt. var. tenellus. Mt. Davidson.
- History of Cal. [california] Botanical Exploration. Cf. McKinney & Hale, Hist. [history] of Indian Tribes N. Am. [North America] vol. 1, pp. 63-70 (1838).
- Brandegee, K. Note the slipshod character of her labels in Mentzelia - no dates and such locs. [locations] as "Pine Ridge".
- Species concept. Cf. note on Rafinesque, Jour. Wash. Acad. Sci. 15:70 (1925).[Journal Washington Academy of Science]
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