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Mt. Davidson, San Francisco
No. 10,331. Muilla maritima Wats.
Stamens set well off the receptacle on the base of the perianth segments, 1 or nearly 1 mm. from base of pistil to base of stamens. The outer perianth segments have a very distinct conical thickening on back of segment at tip, which projects as an obscure point on the face of the segment.
This grows on the gravelly slope of Mt. Davidson. I suspect there are differences between this form and that of the alkaline flats of the Sacramento Valley. Collected again in better fl. [flower] Apr. 18.
No. 10,332. Phacelia californica Cham.
Scales attached to base of filament, this making a pocket behind, the scale on its upper margin connivent with the scale of the adjacent pair,
April 12, 1924.
[drawing of filament attachement]
Dotted line represents attachment of scale to corolla. a, indicates connivence of scales to contiguous pairs. b, represents lower portion of scale bent in opposite direction to "a" and attached to face of filament.
Filaments loosely hairy at middle, exserted (almost twice as long as corolla). Style cleft 2/5 way down. Collected again Apr. 18.
No. 10,333. Lupinus variicolor Stend.
Keel beautifully ciliate on upper half. Wings light purple. Banner orbicular, white or whitish, the lower margin or edge purplish, the center black-purple-dotted.
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