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Sonora Ca_on, Kenwood
- Drove to Kenwood and into Sonoma Ca_on. Milo S. Baker lives near the mouth of the canon. We are his guests this day.
No. 10,002. Scutellaria californica Gray. Ca_on hillsplope, steep, open in woods. Cor.[corolla] white, 8 /12 lines long. Lower pair of stamens the longer, attached at summit of tube; upper pair of stamens inserted much higher - at summit of throat. The stamens and style arrangements are as in S. angustifolia No. 9916 from San Andreas. Edges of filaments not quite so hairy perhaps.
Coralla finely short hairy with spreading hairs. Inside of corolla with long hairs (pilose) in throat!
800 ft. June 28, 1923.
Sonoma Co.
No. 10,003. Eriogonum vimineum
Outer segments per. [perianth] obovate, inner ones oblanceloate, both obtuse. Hillslope
No. 10,004. Antirrhinum vagans Gray.
Lower pair of filaments [clilated] at base, the [summit] of the dilation densely short-ciliate. Tube at summit long hairy or pilose, sparsely - but conspicuously so. Cor. [corolla] lavender, 7 lines long. Spur extruded between lower pair calyx-lobes. Upper or odd sepal much the larger, the two pairs nearly equal. Ovary hairy with gland-tipped hairs. Style bent at tip. Filaments dilated at apex, all glabrous except as noted above. Steep hillslope in openly wooded ca_on.
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