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[em]phasis offended Greene who retorted haughtily: "I never make anything but good species"! My emphasis was of course natural but inadvertent.
A lot of the men in Washington tend to follow Greene. He had great influence amonst them and being not very able they pattern after him. I do not consider Rose a good systematist. He is weak and has done his work in conjunction with others. Maxon also follows along in the same way.
Mrs. Brandegee was in Washington looking up Lupines. She never had the power to finish anything. She was also too rabid. Miss Eastwood flees off the handle, too, sometimes.
March 25, 1924.
C. S. Sargent early developed the trick of getting people to do work for him for little or nothing. Asa Gray obvserved this and spoke of it. Sargent is a millionaire. The successful organization of the Arnold Arboretum is due a great deal to Faxon.
The Douglas routes are hard to work out. Douglas did not have the power to get down to work and produce his journal in London; so he was sent back to America. [He cared too much for action]. The Horticultural Society's publication of the journal results in a very different account. A Hudson Bay Co. man received letters from Douglas. They are published in the Royal Society of Canada, about 1862. Cont. next p.
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