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Sherman Isl. [island], Oct. 4, 1923.
no charge on return, to Andrus Isl. [island] I was much struck by the difficulty of getting wished-for plants which were abundant many years ago. I saw no Ammania, no Psorlaea macrostachya, very scanty Oenothera Jepsoniii, no Bidens, no Ecliptica, no Hibiscus and so on.
My artist, Miss Saunders, went along and drew several things on the spot.
Suisun Marshes, Oct. 10.
cont. from bottom p. 112. Ater finishing the marshes we drove north into Suisun Valley, then to Wooden Valley, then by the Berryessa road into Napa over the Napa Range. Near Napa we saw by the roadside a Pinus radiata tree filled with persistent cones! Apparently it had never dropped cones. Cont. p. 115.
Suisun Marshes, Oct. 19, '23
No. 10,227. Xanthium spinosum
Goodyear sta.
No. 10,228. Aster exilis Ell.
Leaves to 5 in. long, 3 lines wide. The flowers (heads) were not open when we arrived in the marshes early in the morning. The rays expanded at 10 o'clock. Common in colonies.
No. 10,229. Aster chilensis Nees. var lentus Jepson. It has many fls. [flowers] at one time. Prob. not of even var. value.
No. 10,230. Grindelia cuneifolia Nutt. var. paludosa Jepson. I doubt that this has even varietal value. This season is a very dry and poor season in the marshes and purely ecologic varieties tend to show up their real status. Leaves subauriculate - clasping.
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