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Berekeley, Aug. 30, 1923.
- Mrs. A. L. Grant is here on her way to Cornell from S. Cal. [California] She visited Santa Cruz Island. Says Comarostaphylis polifolia is as common as many a chaparral species, coloring the slope with its berries. Woodwardia radicans, she found 9 ft. h. She says Pinus radiata var. binata has persistent cones and always 2 leaves! Does not look at all like the Monterey Pine.
- Aug. 30, 1923
- Lemmon, J. G. There appears to have been a "Lemmon Ranch" in San Luis Obispo Co., at Cholame. Label of Monardella breweri Gray in Gray Herb. [herbarium] Dated June, 1887.
- Cleveland, D. Was at Julian collecting 15 July 1875 and at San Felipe in 1881. See labels of Monardella macrantha in Gray Herb.

Aug. 1923.
Calaveras Co.
No. 10,203. Pinus sabiniana Dougl.
Near Avery sta. Aug. 17.
No. 10,204. Mimulus - Mimetanthe pilosa Greene. Kentucky House, South Fork Calaveras River, Aug. 4.
No. 10,205. Hieracium
Frenchman Mdw. [meadow], Dorrington, Calaveras Co., Aug. 17

Cont. from bottom p.115 - Suisun Marshes trip. The marshes are quite full of water birds. It is a quiet hazy rather warm autumn day and the bird life is not active but we see it here and there. We stir up several of the Shied-Poke, and they rise in heavy flight. Far across the marshes, in a pond, we see a flock of swan, their snow bodies shining brightly in the sun.
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