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St. Helena. Mar. 8

Valley Oak - Quercus lobata. Stament in a flower 8 or 9. Young leaves without points. Perianth segments distinct, very slender, linear. Bark deeply fissured longitudinally into rectangular or long narrow plates.

Kellogg Oak - bark comparatively smooth and even, checkered somewhat into roundish areas.

Valley Oak - leaves not lustrous but yellowish.

No. 505 - Navarresia viscidula (Gates Cany. 5-27-1900)

Willow - in Mr. D.O. Hunt's pasture lot - 60 to 65 ft. high, 13 ft. 6 in. at 4 ft. from the ground:= Salix lasiandra (?), leaves obovate, no stipules, no glands. - No. 506 Salix [ ].
St. Helena Mar 8, 1900
Madrone--in fl. corolla 3 lines long,
truncate base, with 10 nectaries
at base and on the margin
of the corolla, appearing
from the outside like
transparent areas projecting
downwad slightly below the
base of the corolla at point
of insertion on the pedicel.
Filaments wooly at the
swollen base.

Trip to Howell Mt. Mar. 9.
It seems to me, this wonderful
sunny afternoon, as if I never
saw anything so beautiful
as the yellowish-reddish
green great round heads of
the Kellogg Oaks. The "yellowish"
is of the leaves; the "reddish"
is of the aments. Really
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