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Inverness, Feb[ruary] 16, 1900.

Number 3 is a very average size.

Grove by woodchopper's - large grove noted previously - larger trees averaging 2 feet 6 inches to 3 feet - about 45 to 50 feet high.

Gaultheria shallon - Miss Wood says it has white berries

Rubus parviflorus - flowers full 3 inches broad.

Baucharis pilularis - Covers here as elsewhere large areas on hill-tops

Dodecathe[o]n hendersoni - all examined tetramer[o]us throughout.
Inverness, Feb[ruary] 16, 1900.

Laurel -
copse on hillside at Inverness - looks 4 or 5 feet high from oposite hill - trees lowest on hillside 40 feet high. Higher up they decrease to 25 feet. Trunks tall and slender, averaging 3 inches in diameter with a broom-like top. Higher up, in clusters mostly, the clusters mostly in the form of circles.

Sanicula arctopoides - See No. 501
In addition to my previous note in this book I must add that the large bractlets are 8 or 9 and usually quite distinct from the four or five small ones; plant very common.
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