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Bill Williams Trail, Mt. Tam
No. 9508. Zauschneria californica Presl. Bootjack Camp.
No. 9509. Calycadenia multiglandulosa DC. ssp. cephalotes (DC.) Keck. Mountain Theater.
No. 9510. Epilobium franciscanum Barbey. Bootjack Camp.
No. 9511. Brindelia
Bootjack Camp.
No. 9512. Cupressus sargentii Jepson
Near West Peak.

-Arctostaphylos montana Easw.
Cont. from p. 28. Several more very large individuals were seen along the Bill Williams Trail on the way to West Peak from Mountain Theater. Perhaps they were equally large but all had the same habit, elongated lateral branches making a low broad crown, very broad and relatively very low.
[Mt. Tam]-alpais, Oct. 2, 1921. Marin Co.
No. 9513. Arctostaphylos
I thought in the field this may be A. virgata Eastw. But there seems to be every intergrade betw. [between] this and A. glandulosa which is finely developed along the trail to West Peak. No. 9513 was obtained nearer the Mountain Theater end of the trail.

-J.G. Lemmon was a most pushing person; altho of modest manner, still very aggressive in getting the name of Lemmon to the front. But he was utterly impecunious and had to resort to divers [diverse?] tricks. I carried him free on the Erythea list but when the first edition of the Flora of Western Middle California came out I neglected to send him a copy. There was no reason why I should give him one. I had to give away a hundred copies. That was enough. Lemmon could have bought it in
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