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Mason Valley, San Diego Co. (Same as La Puerta Valley)

Cattle Browse.

One of the best winter browses is Hymenoclea salsola. This is abundant on the floor of the valley. Cows take the bunch of flower heads. Horses in winter take the shoots of the season as large as a pencil_ and relish them.__ At least it keeps them alive, says James McMillan. "Inkweed is a good cow-feed in winter." I do not yet know what he means by this. Argemone miexcana grows in here. If there is any of it in a bunch of hay thrown to cattle they will not touch it--the bunch of hay. It would appear from what McMillan says that the cattle have as definite times for feeding on certain bushes as the bees have for feeding on certain plants in succession. Cattle will not touch a certain shrub until a certain time and then they "go for it."

_These are the slender axes of the old inflorescences!!
__As a winter forage it might be called Horse Fat.
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