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Vallecito, San Diego Co., c. 1100 ft.

-Cont. no. 8539. Krameria. Sepals ovate, acute, the upper one broader, two lateral and two lower. Ovary hairy with style curving down a bit and so somewhat sickle-like but short and thick. On upper side ovary are two fleshy roundish in outline scales densely covered with pappillate glands; on lower side are four fils., somewhat bulbous-dilated below the apex, the two lateral longer. The pollen is a sticky mass which is extruded from a sac above the bulb and which appears to burst irregularly. Below the stamens are 3 small petals in a row, the blades purple, the fils. flattened, twice as long. It is a most remarkable flower and would appear to deserve rank as generic type of [?] a distinct family. Ovules 2, pendulous, attached on lower side, i.e., on lower side pistil morphologically. Flower parts crimson; outside sepals gray-pub. Pedicel fl. with a pair of small bracts near it. The fleshy scales with their pappillate glands would be diagnostic.
17 Apr. 1920.

-Cont. no. 8581. Cor. lobes emarginate. No glands or processes in tube that I can see.

-Cont. no. 8583. or? 8583a? Eriogonum.
Per. pale yellow. outer per. segs. expanded at base into auricles which are distinctly hollowed. Inner per. segs. similar but far less developed. Correction: inner per. segs. narrower than outer, expanded at very base as outer also. Prob. no auricled sac in [within?], unless in age.

No. 8611. Palafoxia linearis.
Coll. H.A. Dutton.

No. 8612. Haplopappus acradenius (Greene) Blake subsp. eremophilus (Greene) Hall. det. RCB. 6/10/63
This composite is the prevailing one on all the alkaline area about Vallecito proper and is especially abundant near the old stage house and about the springs. See. p. 197.

No. 8613. Astragalus aridus Gray.
Cor. purple; dry mesa.

No. 8614. Scirpus olney Gray.
Stems acutely triangular! 1 to 4 ft. h. in the marshy springs. Abundant. See p. 44 and 46.

No. 8615. Atriples
Thick bush 4 to 6 ft. h.

-A road-runner flashed across the path before us near the springs this morning
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