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c. 1100 ft. _Vallecito, San Diego Co._, 15 Apr.

- Some of the poles in the old stage house appear to be coniferous as shown by the whorls of branches. Such timbers could easily have been brought down from the mts. about Cuyamaca, a short distance west. The "grass" is really a bulrush (Scirpus olneyi Gr., no. 8614).

Cont. from p. 45.
Fouquieria splendens.
Franseria dumosa.
Sarcobatus vermicularis, not common, only about the springs.
Encelia, no. 8623. A more sloping rocky mesa 1/2 mile to 1 mile northerly from camp is obviously yellowed and by this species.
Larrea tridentata, abundant.
For other species at this point see numbers.

- Common names. - One runs into a good many Spanish and Indian common names for the plants in this part of the state. All the trees of the desert have common names in the Mexican tongue and most of the true desert trees are legumes - of one family.

I hope to get a good many common names this trip. They are most useful. Persons all about the state help me
[Warner Ranch, 14 Apr. 1920]
3000 ft.

to material which I use scientifically but haven't much interest in the scientific names which I send them. They want common names since their interest may not be taxonomic but in the habit or use of the plant. They may have a genuine interest in behavior and occurrence and life-history or seeding habits or in similar matters and for everyday or colloquial use they are entitled to folk names. The best botanists are the least pretentious usually and in ordinary conversation they use most commonly the English names unless perhaps they are taxonomists and engaged in technical discussion.

No. 8526. Baeria [Lasthenia]
Yellowing the fields, Warner Ranch. 14 Apr.

No. 8527. Arctostaphylos glauca Lindl.
10-12 ft. h. Berries sticky. Hill slopes, Warner Ranch.

No. 8528. Plagiobothrys tenellus Gray.
This borage grew on the hill bases. Warner Ranch.

No. 8529. Leptosyne.
with 8528.
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