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Warner's Ranch, San Diego Co.

bird who gets his living by picking up tadpoles in the marshy flats near the camp. He is bluish on the back and reddish on the breast or throat, and about the size of a grouse.

The grove of Live Oak trees (p. 37) which are noticed above, stand on the right hand side of the road going towards Warner's and about 100 yards northerly from the junction of the Mesa Grande road.

The chaparral formation is dense and sharply defined, Adenostoma fasciculatum areas forming a rather clearly segregated part of it, i.e. in distinct areas but merging or rather joining on. See p. 36.

We go on to Warners Hot Springs for mail. It is now a resort, the visitors housed in adobe cabins. It is the Agua Caliente of the older maps. San Jose del Valle is a great barren open space or valley surrounded by mountains, the oaks on all sides coming right down
3000 ft. Apr. 14, 1920

to the plateau or valley level. The valley, or great flat as I would rather call it, is traversed by one or two low rolling ridges and, as said, has not a tree, except a few Cottonwoods, or the fringe of wood along the San Luis Rey River. We turn back from Warner Springs and turn off easterly toward Warner Ranch which is reached in about 1 1/2 miles. The old adobe house or stage station of the Butterfield stages is still in use and in very good repair. Warner's Ranch, some 47000 acres, is owned by W. G. Henshaw. Here we meet J. A. Ream, who lives in a large white house near Warner Spr. He is well informed on the roads to the desert and we secure valuable road directions. He has an interest in the native vegetation and inquired if there was any book on the flora of the Colorado Desert. I told him that I had begun a Flora of California and that five parts were available. He started to take down my name and stopped when he heard Jepson. Are you Professor Jepson he said? "Well," he went on, "Colonel Fletcher
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