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San Jose del Valle, San Diego Co.

Adenostoma fasciculatum
Arctostaphylos glauca (no. 8527)
Ceanothus divaricatus; leaves pale green or glaucous beneath, so thick as to be brittle; fls. blue. no. 8531.
Ceanothus perplexans or a form of it. See no. 8532.
Quercus engelmannii scrub.
White Sage (Salvia apiana Jepson.)
Eriogonum fasciculatum

-As we came down the hill into Ballena Valley we had a fine view of Cuyamaca Peak. As we saw it, perhaps 15 miles away in an air line, it consisted of a summit notched into two unequal peaks. North slope showing snow.

-As soon as we struck the level of San Jose del Valle we went into camp for the night in a grove of Live Oaks (Quercus agrifolia). This little cluster of twenty or so trees is truly fine. It makes a really fine assem-
Apr. 13, 1920.

blage. I take measurements as follows:

Tree Diam. at 4 ft. Height
No. 1 14 ft (at 6 ft) 70 ft.
No. 2 13 ft., 8 in. 65 ft.
No. 3 13 ft (at 3 ft.) 40 ft.
No. 4 21 ft. 7 in. 65 ft.
No. 5 13 ft. 5 in. 60 ft.
See p. 38

-In the evening two Mexicans passed on horseback. Their horses were very tired and have evidently traveled far. Their horses are trained to a little slow trot which they keep up all day. Dutton calls it the Mexican trot. It is like the trot of the Chinese coolie carrying two baskets on his burden pole.

-The next morning a mist was falling from the heavy fog but the crows were calling noisily. Ducks are in the stream; sand-hill cranes are spiraling in a close circle overhead; buzzards are circling; blackbirds are calling; and there are other birds still; one a large
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