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Ramona to Warner's Hot Spr. [Springs]

-Cont. no.8520. Cor. short-campanulate. Stamens with 2 short yellow glands between each pair of fils. Style and stamens included.

-Cont. no. 8521. Cor. yellow, its pets. notched or with a short point at apex

-Cont. no. 8488. Upper side of sterile stamen towards base microscopically glandular-pub. [pubescent] Other stamens glabrous.

-Cont. no. 8500. Appendages of corolla expanded upward, the pairs forming a sort of crest or cup-like process out of which the fil. [filament] arises.

-Cont. no. 8454. Cor. strictly salver-shaped, the tube very slender, the obovate, obtuse lobes a little longer. Anthers inserted in tube just below throat. = Leptodactylon californicum H. & A.

-Cont. no. 8463. Sterile and fert. [fertile] stamens all glabrous.

-We run on beyond Ramona. Ramona is a small fairly neat little place where we stop to put air in the tires. Beyond, easterly, we stop to botanize a burn. we pass [long space] and go
Apr. 13, 1920.

on over the hills to Witch Creek, a few small houses straggling in a narrow valley, with a post office. Hereabouts R. D. Alderson botanized long ago and sent his plants to Professor Greene. We run on, ascend a long easy grade and come around a corner of the hill, the valley of Santa Ysabel bursting into view. The slopes and fields are yellow,--large golden lakes--with buttercups (no. 8523) and equally great white areas snowy with the flowers of Plagiobothrys no. 8524. Santa Ysabel is a very small hamlet of three or four houses. It has a store. We turn northerly, thru a canon, and finally enter San Jose del Valle, a great flat valley,--the valley of Warner Ranch.

No. 8523. Ranunculus canus var. ludovicianus.
Moist swales at Santa Ysabel.

No. 8524. Plagiobothrys nothofulvus Gray.
See above. Santa Ysabel.
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