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Berkeley, May 29, 1916.
--The white outcropping on Howell Mt. are noticeable to the traveler. Arctostaphylos stanfordiana does not grow away from the immediate vicinity I think. I send a specimen of the white rock to Eakle who replies that it is a "clay derived from a volcanic tuff, I should judge. It has a little chloride in it." See No. 6586.
--Lycium pallidum Niers, No. 6606. This, the common sp. in the heart of the Mohave, has been affected by a blight, all the leaves blackening and falling away. The disease was general over the mesas, but none other of the species was touched by it. So reports Miss Waterman of Barstow. This epidemic occurred since my departure from Barstow. This note recorded July 21, 1916.
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