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Barstow 2200 ft.

--In the years 1880 to 1887 the Watermans worked their silver mine in the desert near here. It was then, circa 1882?, that Lemmon made his trip to Waterman in the Mohave Desert and to Calico, which latter was then a flourishing camp. "Governor aterman felt very friendly to the Lemmons" said Dr. Helen Waterman. "No he didn't; he just tolerated them" said miss Abby Lou Waterman. "They were very kindly and sincere" parried Dr. Helen Waterman. Anyway I had wondered however the Lemmons or Mr. Lemmon got to Calico. They were frightfully impecunious; and they had an assurance and presumption in certain contingencies borne of their dreadful
dreadful impecuniosity. It _is_ dreadful to be real poor for most people. It takes people of exceptional strength of character to stand such mean poverty as the Lemmons labored under. But of course the real handicap of the Lammons was not poverty. People have so often, so often, asked me of Lemmon's ability as a botanist. And I reply: Lemmon did excellent work as a collector. While ordinary collecting does not require a very high order of capacity, but the exersise common virtues such as care, industry, perseverence; yet acute field observation makes an exceptional collector and this, a rare gift, Mr. Lemmon had. In publication Mr. Lemmon did not do very much, outside of his fairly
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