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The park. It is wonderful how clearly told and interesting facts pass along by word of mouth from person to person. You have been trained to do such work. You have ability and you are also clever and quick. But if you run back to me for elementary facts instead of now doing for yourself, you might as well have come from a trade school and not a University; for there lies an essential difference between the two.
Of course you would be free to come to me for help with your problems _ but for the purpose of learning to work independently, to increase and consolidate your powers. And I would always welcome you. (cf. Margaret Best, in Pitt., Jan. 20, 1916).
April 7, 1916

-Burrough, John, is author of a book, _Camping and Tramping with Roosevelt_. It was better, Roosevelt_s _Camping and Tramping with Burroughs_.
-Yosemite. A list of plants in, Lester, J.E., The Atlantic to the Pacific; What to see and how to see it, 365 pp. Boston, 1893.
-Sequoia gigeantea. Ef. N.W. Griswold, _Beauties of Calif. [California]_. S.F. 1884.
-T.W. Adams, Greendale, Canterbury, N.Z., says, Dr. Perez of Teneriffe recommends clearing (oak) seeds and their immersing them in boiling water for ten seconds to secure early germination.
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