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Yankee Hill near Columbia 2500 ft. [Tuolumne Co]

No. 6398. Mimulus Kelloggii Curran. Det. A.L.G. Deep crimson corolla, upper lip turned back somewhat but erectish and larger than the lower lip. Herbage sticky-viscid like M. bolanderi A full series of plants show corolla uniform crimson with deeper color in open throat. Lower side throat with yellow markings.
No. 6399. Epilobium minutum Lindl. Bank. Corolla pale pink.
No. 6400. Gilia Corolla pale crimson. Leaves on small plants all linear and entire; larger plants leaves pinnate, multi- or tri-foliolate.
- "Shin-bush". [?] This is the common name in the region for Chamaebatia foliolosa. It is common here but not
June 8, 1915

abundant. Its odor is the most characteristic odor of the Sierra Nevada. Its odor is not easy to define. Perhaps the best definition is that it has the odor of tarweed (Madia and Hemizonia) but with a balsamic fragrance about it that seems prophylactic. The Forest Service men universally use "Bear Clover."
No. 6401. Mimulus [floribundus var. subulatus Grant: Det: A.L.G.] Herbage wet as if with dew on this dry hot day. The hairs are erect, the long ones glandless the more numerous shorter ones gland-tipped. Corolla clear yellow, a few pink dots on throat lower side. Lobes of corolla
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