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Columbia 2500 ft. (Tuolumne Co.)

is not the big or coarse things which in every case multiply or succeed best.
- Calochortus venustus is indeed very common. In little openly-wooded gullies on open slopes, its stalks hold up their white or pink-purple cups. We did not notice it anywhere about Chinese Camp and it prob. belongs to this higher country.
- Brodiaea laxa, common in many places.
- Brodiaea grandiflora, common in dry open ground.
6 June 1915

No. 6396. Microseris [linearifolia]
No. 6397. Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry. This has exactly the habit and foliage and fruits of the shrubs of Howell Mt. lower slopes above Sanitarium that I have collected & typed as the best example of Parry's original. This shrub here may have a somewhat cleaner bark, the same color or shade as the Howell Mt. shrub but a brighter hue. -- See p. 102.
- Cont. 6304. Stamens unequal. Styles 2, distinct; ovary pubescent, seated on a deep-yellow disk. Corolla lobes revolute at sides.
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