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Columbia 2100 ft. Tuolumne Co.

different from any other Cal. species of Larkspur I know.
No. 6390. [Aspris (crossed out) Aira caryophyllea L. (det. Beecher Crampton, 1972)] Grass. Open hillslopes in wooded country.
No. 6391. Filago With 6390.
No. 6392. Gilia filipes Bth. With 6390. See p. 93. = Linanthus filipes Greene.
No. 6393. [Gastridium ventricosum Schinz & Thell.] Common grass, with 6390 Branches of panicle & bracts very divergent, collapsing as soon as taken from the ground.
No. 6394 [Bromus mollis L.] One of the most common and widespread grasses of the foothills
No. 6395. Brodiaea grandiflora Smith. Common. Stamens: anthers a little exceeding acute staminodia. = B. coronaria Jepson.
6 June 1915

- The following species are common: -- (cf. p. 81).
Gilia filipes. No. 6392. Its spreading habit affords room for a multitude of flowers on the plant. It is everywhere abundant on open grassy hills and slopes of the mountains in openly wooded country from Columbia down to Chinese. As it doubtless extends thruout the Sierra foothills it is one of the most common if not the most common of the late spring or early summer annuals. Its flowers in actual number would exceed that of any other thing I know at this season. It is a filmy delicate thing close to the ground and enforces the principle that it
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