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Stanislaus River, S. Fork near Italian Bar.

No. 6387. Brodiaea [= Dichelostemma] multiflora Benth. Flowers light purple. Ovary sessile. Corolla tube slender, constricted upwards. Staminodia abruptly acute, much exceeding the anthers, revolute from both edges in such a way as to make 3 "tubes" leading down into the chamber of the corolla from above. Anthers notched at apex.
This blooms later than Brodiaea congesta, say one month. Staminodia broad, shortly acute, not cleft deeply as said of congesta in Fl. W. Mid-Cal. ed. 2, 101 & in Bot Cal. Per. segments about as long as tube. Cont. p. 91.
No. 6388 Mimulus [Kelloggii Curran. det. A.L.G.] Corolla deep crimson, deeper on upper lip and its center. Upper lip suberect! longer; lower lip short, spreading, of paler
5 June 1915 1800 ft.

color. But see 6398.
No. 6389. Asclepias cordifolia Corresponds in hood chars. to diagnosis in Fl. W. Mid. Cal.
- Cont. 6387. Staminodia attached at base to per. segment by [see image for drawing]-shaped process, somewhat longer than anthers. Scapes with scabrous or saw-like longitudinal lines, the teeth slender, short, regular. Probably this is B. multiflora.
- Delphinium hanseni. A plant coll. by Mrs. Grant, short raceme, typical of the species, the flowers remarkable for their hairiness. Lower (blue) petals with a central tuft of white hairs standing stiffly, [illegible] ciliation of white hairs also, otherwise glabrous. The flower in this particular looks
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