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S. Fork Stanislaus River Italian Bar, circa 1800 ft. [Tuolumne Co.]

No. 6377. Erigeron [foliosus Nutt.] Rays lavender; disk yellow.
No. 6378. Galium
No. 6378a. Gymnogramma triangularis Kaulf.
No. 6379. Chorizanthe membranacea Common on steep hillslope
No. 6380. Cotyledon laxa B & W. var. nevadensis Jep. [= Dudleya cymosa ssp. gigantea] Flowers reddish-brown with a yellowish tone. Petals with a low round ridge on back, i.e. the thickening not sharp or carinate.
No. 6381. Eriophyllum Showy. The rays shrink "dret-
5 June 1915. [Tuolumne Co.]

ful" in drying.
No. 6382. Streptanthus orbicularis Greene [= S. tortuosus Kell!] 2 to 4 ft. tall!
No. 6383. Godetia [Clarkia] dudleyana Abrams Corolla light pink, becoming much darker after one day in the press. Anthers white. Stigmas whitish.
No. 6384. Montia perfoliata [Claytonia sibirica L.] Corollas pink.
No. 6385. Orobanche fasciculata Nutt. Corolla yellow.
No. 6386. Rosa gymnocarpa Nutt.
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