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Columbia, 2200 ft. [Tuolumne Co.]

No. 6344. Lathyrus watsonii White. [= L. Jepsonii ssp. californicus] Banner light-purple, the wings and keel pink-tinged on white ground. This is the common color form, not the form described under 6280A. But for details of flower see under 6280A.
Cont. 6280. The erect racemes look as if the lower flowers had been stained dull red-brown by a drip from the upper flowers.
- Godetia williamsonii flowers fresh in vasculum after three days. Taken at Chinese Camp (no. 6318). Erythraea, no. 6330, also fresh after same interval. The
June 2, 1915.

Githopsis forms, 6336, etc. wilt almost immediately
No. 6345. Brodiaea volubilis Baker. [Dichelostemma volubile] Stem 6 1/2 ft. long! Juice of stem strongly mucilaginous! Cut Flowers keep fresh for a day, even lying on the table.
No. 6346. Calochortus venustus Dougl. Grant Ranch. Range of variation from pure white (the prevailing form) to almost rose color, with white and rose-tipped, and white with an extra spot above the eye, in between the pure white and the rose color.
No. 6347. Lamium amplexicaule L. Low moist ground in shady place.
No. 6348. Rosa californica C. & S. 5 to 8 ft. h. Abundant on the old miners workings. See next p.
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