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Columbia, 2200 ft.

No. 6296. Pogogyne serpylloides Gray. Shade of brush; pure colony. Corolla very small, shorter than the calyx. Upper lip very short, simple, i.e. one-lobed; lower lip of 3 lobes, small but relatively large, the middle one larger. Two lower stamens fertile; upper = rudiments without anthers & with short fils. Style bearded a little above.
No. 6297. Sagina apetala Ard. Sepals 4 (or 5). Wet flat ground. Abundant.
No. 6298. Evax acaulis (Kell.) Greene Gnaphaliod. Rare.
No. 6299. Alchemilla occidentalis Nutt [arvensis Scop.]
No. 6300. Orthocarpus attenuatus Gray Called "Tassels" at Modesto -- Mrs. Wm. Grant.
29 May 1915 [Tuolumne Co.]

No. 6301. [Micropus californicus F. & M.] Gnaphaliod.
No. 6302. [Psilocarphus tenellus Nutt. var. tenellus]
No. 6303. Brodiaea [=Triteleia] ixioides Wats. Open woods. "Golden Stars" at Grant Ranch. Stamens opp inner per segs. longer. Fils. all with divergent teeth.
No. 6304. Eriodictyon glutinosum Benth. Bushes 3 to 5 ft. h. Corolla-tube cylindric, broadly so, with rotate limb. See p. 95.
No. 6305. Githopsis. Mrs. Wm. Grant. Jolly Ranch = Gold Spring
No. 6306. Gilia gilioides Greene [Allophyllum divaricatum] Gold Spring. Mrs. Wm. Grant. Flowers red-pink
No. 6307. Calochortus luteus Dougl. [= C. superbus Purdy] Mountain Pass. Mrs. Wm. Grant.
No. 6306a. Collomia. ? Columbia
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