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Cold Spring, Tuolumne Co. 5700 ft. (betw. Stoddard Sprs. and Pine Crest)

Ridge near Cold Spring, locally known as Bald Mt. (but not the Bald Mt. near Yankee Hill (Big Trees Quadrangle).
No. 6456. Arctostaphylos pastillosa Jepson. Berries as large as crabapples. Remarkable for their size, as large as the largest A. glauca berries. Shrubs rather small, 3 or 4 ft. h., on rocky ridge (lava), near Cold Spring, locally known as Bald Mt. The stone not yet formed! It seems much slower of formation than in other species -- A. viscida, A. manzanita, which have a formed stone even if not very hard, at this stage. The stone in 6456 at this stage is hardly more than like an apple core.
July 10, 1915.

No. 6457. Cirsium With 6456. Involucre very much contracted at the throat, so as to be broadly jug shaped. The flowers flare out so as to make a very broad arrangement [see image for drawing] -styles -corollas -involucre Flowers pink-lavender.
No. 6458 [Calycadenia scabrella Jeps.] Rays lemon-yellow, fading to a very definite and characteristic color, burnt umber or reddish brown. On lava
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