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Columbia 2200 ft. [Tuolumne Co.]

and perhaps also by seed. I have no evidence for the latter statement except for isolated plants which residents declared were not set out by man.
[Symbol for male] fl: free stamens, 6, 7, 7, 6, 7, 6, 6, 9 (with a tenth one partly free).
Petals 5 or 4, commonly 2 of them with an attached stamen, the anther only being free. Petals oblong, acute, very hairy at base. Calyx very small, 5-lobed. Odor disagreeable!
No. 6439. Godetia dudleyana Abrams Abundant, on brushy banks. Stigma white, strongly 4-lobed (cruciform). Anthers lavender-purple! Corolla pink-lavender!! Contrast the cruciform stigma with that of no. 6441.
No. 6440. Vitis californica Benth. Short [?] stamens 5; Petals 5, caducous. I have examined a great many fls. and all have stamens and pistil.
June 29, 1915

No. 6441. Godetia [Clarkia] biloba Wats. Corolla deep pink,very beautiful It grows abundantly on the hill slopes between Columbia and the Parrott Ferry Bridge, often coloring areas. It is very beautiful in brushy places, its fine color brought into relief against green foliage of the shrubs; it is fine along the edge of shrub patches, showing up against the white grass. -- Stigma circular, short hairy, whitish. Anthers pink; pollen blue. (Corolla deepens color in drying!).
- Quercus Kelloggii tree at Jolly Ranch, right in front of house. Circ. 12 feet 10 1/2 inches at 4 ft. above ground.
No. 6442. Rhamnus [californica Esch. ssp.] tomentella Benth. [(Benth.) C.B. Wolf] Remarkable for the number of fls. in the umbels, the umbels being very dense. One to 8 fls. Ret. [?]
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