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Shay's Well, c. 4000 ft.
No. 5952. Lupinus austromontanus
L. excubitus var austromontanus
L. albifrons B & G var austromontanus Jepson
Det. C. P. Smith
11 stems from the crown of an annual root; tufted with basal leaves. Wash. Flowers purple-blue; banner with closely reflexed sides & central light yellow spot, changing to purple so corolla is concolored. Leaves very silvery [Later: The above plant flowered first on second year. It is [?] flowering from perennial roots.]
No. 5953. Eschscholtzia minutiflora Wats.
Old Woman Springs. Mesa. "Microscopic" flowers. Sandy Mesa.
No. 5954. Eremocarya micrantha Greene. = Cryptantha
Sandy mesa.
No. 5955. Abronia pogonantha Heimerl
Sandy wash. Fls. dull pink smaller than those at Barstow
14 May 1914
- Eriogonum plumatella D & H.
2 ft.h. Erect compact-cylindric shrub, the stems strictly ascending & interlaced-branched, fruticose for 1 foot, at summit strangling out onto an inflorescence.
- Round-headed Rabbit Brush (no. 5898) is the common Rabbit-Brush all the way from Barstow. It is on the whole an important member of the [? ?]
No. 5956. Zygadenus brevibracteatus Hall
Sandy mesas N or Shays Will
No. 5957. Mirabilis bigelovii Gray var. aspera (Greene) Munz
Sandy mesa
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