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Rabbit Springs 2900 ft. Mohave Desert.
- Rabbit Springs is a delightful little oasis with clear cool spring water and the welcome shade of 8 or 9 large Cottonwood trees. The place is fenced but strangers are evidently welcome as evidenced by the visitor register hung on the door of the little cabin.

No. 5938. Kochia
Dry lake bed. 1 to 1 1/2 ft. h.

- Box S. Ranch is an old time ranch owned by Gulding. It is a rather good-looking oasis in the drear desert. It has alfalfa fields & orchards and pumps water by a gas engine
12 May 1914
- We made a dry camp about 7 miles east of Box S Ranch. The settlers have taken up nearly all the land in the mesa in this district and are putting down wells 150 to 170 feet and propose to pump, and are pumping with oil brought in from [Victor].
- 13 May 1914. Made Cottonwood Springs, two small springs at a cattle station with 2 or 3 large cottonwood trees and a willow tree. Old Women's Spring is 1 mile beyond. The spring runs a brook 1 1/2 ft. wide & 5 inches deep. It is quite wonderful.
No. 5939. Allocarya cooperi Greene. Fresh fine patch of it, about Rabbit Spr. Took me back at once to the Sacramento Valley Allocaryae.
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