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Ord Mt. 4954 ft. summit
on the left we are on the wrong road says Doc. Smith of Ord Mt. Rabbit Springs has plenty of water, five Cottonwood trees and is an excellent camp spot. The great range sw. of here is the Granite Range. The prominent peak west of Ord is called Goat Mt. on account of the mountain sheep on it. The mt. sheep get their water from the barrel cactus. They stamp off the spines with their sharp hoofs and eat the pulp. The Joshua is a great tree. It is almost impossible to cut it when it's dry, but it may be worked green and made into thin slices for protection of tree trunks, for
10 May 1914
artificial limbs, etc. The root of the mock orange is a fine aperient (purgative) says Doc Smith.

No. 5931. Eriogonum inflatum
Per. yellow. Colonies one hundred feet diam. giving the appearance of meadowlets on lower slopes of Ord very near the valley or ca_on floors.
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