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Ord Mt. 4954 ft. Summit
cacti might do, but I've nere tried []. Some of 'em are said to be poisonous. Cresote Bush [Larrea mexicana] poisons one sometimes like Poison Oak, I've had it poison me. Blisters the skin; skin swells up; closes the eyes. Several fellows at the camp here who had to get the bush for wood were poisoned. It is certainly poisonous to some. The roots make the best wood, a very hot fire; in an air-tight stove small like ammonia after reduction to coals. I use the fan cactus also to draw boils. The water indicators in this country
10 May 1914
are Screw Mesquite _ & Creosote Bush. In case of the latter when it shows great vigor or greeness in the dry years or dry season."

- Acacia gregii. Utterly leafless & dead looking. No sign of bursting. It must come into leaf late. Stream beds. Ord Mt.

- Cont. from p.63 ante_: There are springs to the east and northeast of Ord Mt., in the ca_ons on e. & n.e. I myself have now been to Sweetwater Spring (cf. F. B. 50:115).

_ Prosopis juliflora.
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