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Ord Mt. 4954 fr. = summit
ever say the poppy flowers in June, that only one plant grows in a place and that he has seen it in only two different years since he has been here. He describes the flowers as the equivalent of three inches broad I should say. Willet's calling Phacelia whitlowia "Blue Fuschia" helped to confirm me in the belief that he didn't know a poppy but so far the joke is not on Willets.

No.5929. = Eriastrum eremicum (Jeps.) Mason
Gilia virgata Stend. var floccosa Millikin
= Hugelia eremica Jepson!
No. 5930 Delphinium parishii Gray
Cor. lavender blue. Common. Lit by the sun, the stalks shine in the evening air on the slopes of Ord.
10 May 1914.
- W. H. smith (Doc. Smith of previous pages) says: "Fan-cactus (no. 5919) with rose-red flowers best remedy for snake bite you ever see. Throw the slabs in the fire until the spines are burnt off and bind on hot. Very drawing. Cook the slabs in an oven until hot, not burned, and make a soft lather and bleach tanned hands and face. Why I believe that thing would make a nigger white." Barrel cactus (no. 5927) has an insignificant yellow flower, very seldom in flower, the best plant to save you from thirst on the desert; chew the pulp. One of them contains an awful lot of water. Yes the other
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