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Barstow 2100 ft.
-Mentzerlia tricuspis. No. 5828, cont. Seeds in miniature capsule one on each placenta, strongly rugose, the rugae or rather wrinkles few & deep. Looks like a short sausage lumpily filled. Stamens in 4 or 5 rows, the 2 outer rows dilated and acutely notched. Style very shortly 3-cleft. The only species in the Botany of California which at all answers is Mentzelia tricuspis but only the outer fils. are dilated, there is no "transverse orange band," and the lateral cusps do not anywhere near equal the anther. Capsule reflexed in maturity, a marked character! Stony hills. Cont. from p. 21.
29 Apr. 1914
- Malvastrum rotundifolium, no. 5821, cont. from p. 16. Stigmas capitate. Petals lilac with a large circular crimson spot at base, very striking & showy & unusual. Bracts 3, caudiform.

No. 5837. Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray. Called Apricot Mallow by Miss A. L. Waterman. Ovules 2! one ascending, (basal), the other descending (apical). A number of carpels were examined. Petals brick-red or apricot flesh color (Moorpark variety), 10 lines long, notched at the [broad] apex. Carpels not depressed, but elevated above the axis. Sepals (i.e. calyx lobes) exceeding them (at this stage). Bracts 3, filiform, hardly longer thatn calyx-tube, Herbage stellate-canescent; calyx subglabrous. Does not fit (See p. 29)
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