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Barstow 2100 ft.
with 2-lobed stigma. Ovary with 2 central or axile placentae which lie closely face to face by their inner sides but quite distict, not even connivent I think. Flower 8 lines long, glabrous except that there is a line of spaced bristles down the lower side of the corolla in the saccate portion of the throat.
Its characters, therefore, lie between Mimulus and Mohavea.
29 April, 1914
No. 5824. Phacellia crenulata Torr.
Corolla deep blue, i.e. purple-blue, ovary pubescent. Style glabrous. Ovules 2 in each cell. Crests developed into a spreading lobe, but the narrow acute tip wholly adnate.
No. 5825. Stillingia paucidentata Wats.
[male] calyx 2-lobed posteriorly & anteriorly, borne in axil of a 3-lobed bract. Stamens 2.
No. 5826. Cryptantha barbirgera = C. nevadensis Green, var. inops K. Bdg.
No. 5827. Phacelia vallismortae Voss, not P. hispida Gray.
Cor. lavender; scales connivent in pairs over base of fils. then curbing outward and upward sort of shortly retrocurved, then running straight up the tube, adnate but with a free lance or ovate tip. cont. p. 25
No. 5828. Mentzelia tricuspis Gray.
Pets. narrow-obovate, obtuse, with a short acute tip, fils. flattened, acutely notched at apex, the anther borne in a short filiform prolongation from the notch . Calyx-lobes after anthesis becoming involute and caudiform-rotate. Corolla straw-white. Roots carrot-thickened. cont. p. 26
No. 5829. Pectocarya heterocarpa [Jtn].
No. 5830. Corizanthe rigida T. & G.
No. 5831. Dalea arborescens. Torr.
Shurbs, 2 or rarely 3 ft. h., abundant in the washes southerly from Barstow. See p. 24
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