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- Eriodictyon parryi Greene.
G.W. Purdy sends this from Hammond, s. Sierra Navada. I count 29 ovules in one ovary. See his letter of July, 1914.
- Congdon, J.W. Coll. Leucothoe davisiae on Signal peak, Mariposa Co., Sept. 16, 1883.
- It is remarkable how little field knowledge E.L. Greene has on the Sierra Nevada in view of his declamations about fieled knowledge. He seems to have been along the C.P.R.R. and at Calaveras Big Trees, but otherwise nothing. Cf. Fl. Fr. 346, Caprifolium invol. "per-chance reaching our borders" whereas it is common in the Sierra west slope. Similarly he knew nothing of the great areas of Prunus emarginata in the Sierras, etc. etc.
- Miss Alice King has been interviewing Mrs. Brandegee for material in regard to her magazine article on "What women have done in Botany." Mrs. B. told Miss K. that Miss Eastwood was no botanist!! Almost in the same breath she said that she (Mrs. B.) broung Miss E. to the Academy of Sciences in S. F. (San Francisco) All this illustrates very well what Mrs. B. has done in botany. - June 28, 1914.
- Miss Rowe, Bot. 104, of 2 or 3 years since, now teaching at Coalinga, says: "Orthocarpus purpurascens is called Bull Clover at Coalinga. It is also sometimes called Sheep's Tail. We have no buttercup at all and the prople call Oenothera dentata by that name or, indeed, anything yellow."
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