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Palm Springs c. 400 ft.
cont. 6053. Stamens obscure, flowers apparently past anthesis but remnants of them about 12. Ovary one, one-celled, one-ovuled.
No. 6059. Oligomeris linifolia McB.
No. 6060. Psorothamnus (Det. R. C. Barneby, 1967) emoryi var. emoryi Gray.
Keel longest, wings shorter, banner scarcely or just equalling wings. Wings and banner each with a slight notch and a glandular mucro in it. Many-stemmed shrub 1 to 2 ft. h. flowers purple, instantly staining hand & paper yellow.
May 24, 1914
No. 6061. Pectis papposa Harv. & Gray.
Comp. Palm Sprs. [Springs] Irrig. [irrigation] ditch side
No. 6062. Cryptanthe angustifolia (Torr.) Greene.
Common on mesas. Sand. Horses eat it! Palm Sprs. [Springs]
No. 6063. Gilia virgata Stend. var. floccosa Millikin. = Eriastrum eremicum (Jep.) Mason
Fls. lavender . Sandy mesas Palm Sprs. [Springs] = Hugelia eremica Jepson.
No. 6064. Asclepias erosa Torr.
3 1/2 ft.h. Clumps of it. Palm Sprs. [Springs]
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