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David Douglas
List of Plants Coll. [collected] in California.
Those starred-new species.
-Ericameria ericoides (D.[?G?] [?prod?] 5:346).
-Senecio douglasii D.G.
-Fritillaria liliacea Lindl.
-F. mutica Lindl.
F. biflora Lindl.
All these Frit in Bot. Reg. sub. t. 1663.
-Allium falcifolium H & A.
Watson, Bot. Cal. 2:151, says Sonoma, Douglas.
Douglas could not have collected it elsewhere than north of the bay so far as we know its distribution, and he most probably obtained it in the Hoods Peak Range where it should be looked for.
But if the Douglas label gives a special locality it is an exception!
Douglas, D. Journal of his travels in N. Am. [North America] 1823-27.
Appendix containing list of plants introd. [introduced] by Douglas and an account of his death.
Edited by W. Wilks, Sec. R.H.S. 1914.
-Mentzelia lindleyi T & G was first coll. [collected] by Douglas.
As we know it nowadays it grows only in the canons of the Mt. Hamilton Range from Niles Canon to Mt. Day.
Douglas could well have had it in that district on a trip from the Santa Clara Mission or from Mission San Jose.

-Holozonia filipea (H. & A.) Greene.
We know this today (except for Sierra foothills) only from Mt. Tamalpais, Howell Mt.; Mendocino Co. (Syn. Fl. 1:313).

-Phacelia phacelioides (Benth.)
I believe this to be a Douglas plant.
If so, it is an argument for Douglas having visited Mt. Diablo, though he might have got it on Mt. Hamilton.

-Thelypodium flavescens (H. & A.)
This is likewise an argument for a Mt. Diablo trip.
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