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Mt. Tamalpais [14 Feb. 1914]
Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw.
6 ft. [feet] 6 in. [inches] x [by] 5 ft. [feet] circular crown.
Woody knots or gnarls lying irregularly along surface of the ground.
Looks like burned chunks of wood lying partly buried in soil and irregularly disposed.
Near the above was another circle, 8'7" x 5'-8" [8 feet seven inches by 5 feet 8 inches) very perfect on hillside; the two cases cited with numerous others on slope above Pipe Line Trail just beyond trestle over Mill Valley branch railroad, perhaps 100 yards beyond. No. 5722/
This day with Bot. 104 to Tamalpais. Matthews, Collins, Smith, Miss Thacher, Turner, Goldsmith,
[Mt. Tamalpais] 14 Feb. 1914
No. 5722. Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. var. cushingiana (Eastw.) Adams.
Ovary pubescent or hairy, filaments ovate-lanceolate dilated, hairy-scattered.
cf. No. 5720
This from near shrub with globose crown drawn by Miss Gilkey; to verify species.
No. 5723. Salix scouleriana cf. S. Salix scouleriana crassijulis.......Del: C. Sch.
Trees, slender, 12 to 14 ft. h. [feet high]
No. 5724. Arctostaphylos sensitiva Jepson nummularia.
Ovary densely hairy like next.
Fils. [Filaments] slightly hairy.
Disk of separate glands.
Pipe Line Trail.
No. 5725. Arctostaphylos canescens Eastw.
Leaves whitish canescent.
Ovary covered with a dense coat of short white hairs, therefore fur-like like the coat of a white cat.
A purple narrow disk as base for ovary.
Sepals thin, whitish, spreading, very short hairy at tip on upper side.
A few plants only by rr. [railroad] track on straight trail to summit.
Filaments rather, over
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