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Berkeley, Jan. 1914.
indicated but are plainly planted trees.

--M.B. Pratt, the new man in Div. For. [Division of Forestry] U.C., says that he has discovered a small group of Pinus monophylla near Loyalton (Sierra Valley).
He says that Ralph Hopping says that Taxus baccata is not found in the Kaweah or Kings but is in the Tule River basin.

--Eriodictyon glutinosum, no seedlings on Mt. Tamalpais, only stump sprouting on the burned area.--W. C. Matthews.
Oakland Hills, 31 Jan. 1914
-Holodiscus discolor var. ariaefolius.
Bushes slender and straight stemmed, to 7 feet high, holding their terminal panicles straight through the winter!
-Ceanothus pubescens var. californica.
Very dark red or wine color.
Bushes 12 ft. h. [feet high].
Some of the bushes towards head of San Leandro Creek and Kohler Canon hold their leaves in part up to this time.
-Quercus agrifolia var. frutescens very stout deep tap root.
-Rhus diversiloba, tap root 2 inches thick rising into a long stem of similar thickness.
Before bank was cut away may have ascended tree
-Heteromeles arbutifolia.
Stump sprouts freely where cut off.
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