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California & Chile
Species in common

Callitriche marginata.
Gayophytum humile.
Trifolium microdon H & A.
Lupinus microcarpus.
Sanicula crassicaulis Poepp., D.C. Prodr. 4:84 (1830). Our Cal. S. menziesii is considered a var. [variety] of the Chilean sp. [species] by Wolff; Engler, Pflzr. 4 (228): 70 (1913).
When I was quite young with the Berkeley flora, it seemed to me as much like an introduced plant! though I knew it was listed a native in the books.

Microcala quadrangularis Griseb.
C.F. Sonne Collecting dates.

Napa Soda Springs, 1896. Lewisia rediviva.
Big Tree Grove, Santa Cruz Co. [County], Apr. 24, 1887. Vaccinium ovatum.
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