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San Bernardino _For local itinerary at San B. see p. 129.
1750-2000 ft.

No. 5521. Yucca whipplei Torr. The flowers have a very luxurious feeling -- a good deal like orchids. Waterman Canon
No. 5522. Chorizanthe californica. Mesa. San Bernardino. See p. 115 cont.
No. 5523. Chorizanthe parryi Wats. Mesa. San B. See p. 115. cont.
No. 5524. Cryptanthe muricata Nels. & McBr. Waterman Canon, c. 2000 ft.
No. 5525. Eriophyllum Annual. Waterman Canon.
No. 5526. Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth Waterman Canon. = P. distans Bth.!!
No. 5527. Pterostegia drymarioides F. & M. [(L) H & H]
15-23 May, 1913.

No. 5528. Stipa coronata Thunb. Mouth of Waterman Canon. Grass. Forming large clumps on the mesa at foot of Waterman Canon, a handsome grass with its tall stems arising from a large stool.
No. 5529. Salvia mellifera Jepson.

San Bernardino
No. 5530. Lupinus formosus Greene. Det. C.P. Smith.
San Bernardino
No. 5531. Convolvulus occidentalis Gray. Common. San Bernardino.
No. 5532. Pentstemon centranthifolius. Mesas, San Bernardino.
No. 5533. Paeonia brownii [californica Nutt. ex. T. & G.] Waterman Canon
No. 5534. Phacelia ramosissima Dougl. San B. Valley
No. 5535. Solanum xanti Gray. Waterman Canon. Looking towards var. intermedium Parish
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