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- Eriogonum cernum Torr. Brandegee Warrens Well, Colo. D. Perianth glab., 7/8 line long, segs obovate, undulate, truncate or retuse, the inner half as broad. Fils. & ovary glab.
Eriogonum douglasii Benth. Stokes, Reno, 1900. Perianth hairy outside, its segs obovate, the inner in age exceeding the outer, yellow. Fils. lower half pilose. Brandegee, Susanville, fils. pilose only at base, the sements notched or grooved at apex, a trifle hairy in center on inside, hairy outside, but not strongly in any spms.
- Vortriede, W. Gardener at State Capitol grounds at Sacramento. cf. Chorizanthe vortriedei Brandegee.
20 Mar. 1913
- Eriogonum effusum Nutt., my Fl. diag. based on Bolander 6356, fl. dissections.
- Eriogonum heermannii. Outer per. segs. orbicular, 7/8 to 1 1/3 lines long, inner smaller, of about the same length but very different shape, being broadly oblong, with parallel sides. Fils. & ovary glabrous. -- Based on Mohave Desert, Brandegee. Length of perianth best expressed by 1 1/4 lines I think.
- Eriogonum wrightii. I find no difs. in fls. of the various Cal. forms. All have fils. obscurely short hairy at base. All have inner per. segs. finally longer than outer. This does not appear to be the case in E. junceum but some fls. show it slightly and the rest are too young! I feel sure. The plants (type) are dwarfed or starved I think.
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